Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elastic and Rubber Free Gym Shorts

After searching a while for a decent looking athletic shorts. I got this completely elastic free "N2N Trainer Long Shorts". It is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The waist part is elastic free and it comes with the cotton string. I've wore it to the gym (aka rubber hell) about 20 times and I have not gotten allergic reaction from it. The fabric on this shorts is pretty thin and it fits somewhat slim.  Overall I like the style and the fact that it keeps me cool during workouts. It looks like there are sports version and the newer version of this shorts, but I have not ordered them yet to see if the waist part contains elastic. The version I got is the original "N2N Trainer Long Shorts" and I confirmed that this one does have an elastic-free waist.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Elastic Free Soft-Fit Women's 100% Cotton Rolled Cuff Sock

I bought this socks elastic free Soft-Fit women's socks.  In my opinion these socks looks a lot better and more comfortable than the Cottonique elastic free socks.  I wear men's size 7 shoes, so I ordered the women's size 8-10.5 and it fits me perfectly.  Some of the customer reviews talks about how the socks gets loose after washing it once or twice. but I have not had that problem yet.  I don't think I would mind even if it gets loose though considering how the Cottonique socks I wear are already very loose around my ankles.  There are lots of color options too.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Allergy free socks from Cottonique

I ordered bunch of allergy free socks from Cottonique. The socks are completely elastic free.  It only comes in white color though... I should get some clothing dye to make them look cooler.

I love the packaging!

The fit was pretty good.  I wore this when I went out to eat today and it did not come sliding off or anything.

Holding the sock up close with my hand.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Latex Free Boxer Briefs From Cottonique

I have been using boxer briefs from http://www.cottonique.com/.  These are really comfortable, but I don't like the fact that it only comes in the natural color.  Initially this boxer brief felt tight around my thighs, then it loosened up a little bit after some usage.  This boxer rips easily though... I've only worn it few times and it is already starting to tore apart.

The Best Latex Free Condom

The best latex free condom is Okamoto 002.  This condom is made with polyurethane, and I have not gotten any allergic reaction from using it. It does not have any foul smell like the sheepskin condoms.    Personally I think this condom is even better than the latex ones I used to use before I became allergic to latex.

Okamoto 002 comes in two sizes.  The Okamoto 002 regular size is smaller than the regular Trojan or Durex condoms.  I suggest you order the large if Trojan and Durex condoms fit you well.

I put some water in the regular size 002.

002 stretched out.